Our Companies

Homebuyers Incorporated (HBI) is the region’s largest buyer of distressed real estate. Over our history, we have purchased, developed, and sold over 3,000 properties which include single family, multi-family, commercial, industrial-flex, agricultural, development land, and many special-use properties. We renovate and restore properties–some having been abandoned for years–resulting in improved neighborhoods and stronger communities. Striving for a “win-win” solution is a hallmark of our philosophy. Our core strength is our ability to identify investment opportunities, even in some of the most distressed real estate situations, and unlock the value. We pride ourselves on being a good neighbor and making a difference in our community, one property at a time.

Guardian Property Services, LLC (GPS) is a licensed mortgage lender that acquires distressed and non-performing debt pools and provides investor financing for a variety of assets held within the Eleven Talents portfolio.

We understand the mindset of the investor so we are able to assess a property in a way that traditional lenders cannot. We provide underwriting and flexible financing options for investors seeking a short-term product to achieve their investing goals. With exceptional underwriting and servicing experience, we are able to unlock value where other lenders cannot.

Simply Homes provides full-service residential property management for assets wholly owned by our family of companies.

The Simply Homes team takes great pride in the management and care of over 300 single family properties. We provide outstanding service to the families who call our properties home. Our philosophy is “Serving the residents well will serve the residence well”. Simply Homes is unique in that it performs routine preventative maintenance on all its properties, resulting in less surprises, downtime, and disruptions.

This, in turn, leads to happier residents. Owning a home is a dream for many renters. The Simply Homes team helps make this a reality on select properties.

H & S serves as our passive holding company and owns income producing assets of many types. Our focus is on unlocking value is real estate. Many times, that value is unlocked by choosing to hold the asset for long-term performance. Properties held in H & S include single family, multi-family, retail, office and agricultural. We rely on “best in class” managers in each asset class to manage properties to their fullest potential.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. (“GTP”) purchases and services tax lien certificate investments in over ten states. Evaluating hundreds of thousands of available tax lien certificates in hundreds of municipalities has given our team a broad array of experience in recognizing and unlocking value in these assets.

With its unique positioning, GTP has established itself ahead of the industry. We constantly explore areas of the tax lien marketplace that most others overlook or avoid. With our combination of skills and REO experience, GTP continues to trailblaze in its effort to unlock value.

Sower Capital Management, LLC (SCM) is the fund sponsor and manager of its family of funds. Capitalizing on the notion that one plus one is greater than two, the principals of Eleven Talents and the principals of Access Commercial formed Sower Capital Management. With its well-rounded and highly capable management group, SCM relentlessly and passionately strives to produce an outsized return for its investors.

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