Eleven Talents is what you get when you take the talents of one and add it to the talents of another: one plus one is greater than two. At our core, we are investors with a passion for real estate. For over twenty years, we have grown in our understanding, honed our skills, and broadened our experience. We venture into areas of the market that most others do not understand, are not willing to explore, or simply overlook.Our success has encouraged us to continue down the road less traveled.

Homebuyers Incorporated (‘HBI”) is the region’s largest investor in distressed real estate and prides itself on the ability to restore these properties in a way that results in improved communities and neighborhoods.

The team at HBI prides itself on the ability to identify opportunity in some of the most distressing situations and harvest the value these opportunities represent. The team has purchased and sold/developed over 2500 properties in its history including single family, multi-family, commercial, industrial-flex, agricultural, development land and many special-use properties as well.

Simply Homes is a captive residential property manager for assets owned by H&S Partnership, LLP.

The Simply Homes team takes great pride in managing over 300 single family properties and providing a home to those residents they serve. The team believes that by providing good service to its residents, ultimately the assets are served well as a result.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. (“GTP”) purchases, services and enforces tax lien certificate investments in 10 states.

With exposure to thousands of tax lien certificates in hundreds of municipalities, this team truly has a broad array of experience in recognizing and harvesting value from the most distressed assets. With a perspective that is different than most of the industry, GTP seeks to position itself to take advantage of areas in the tax lien marketplace that most others overlook or avoid.

Sower Capital Management, LLC (“SCM”) is an asset manager focused on delivering value to the investment funds in its family of funds.

SCM acts as the fund sponsor and manager and strives to produce a solid return to investors while maintaining discipline in the investing process.

Guardian Property Services, LLC (“GPS”) is a licensed mortgage banker and offers investor financing for a variety of assets held within the portfolio of companies at Eleven Talents. GPS provides flexible financing products for investors seeking a short-term product to achieve their investing goals.

Due to the experience of the team, GPS prides itself on the ability to underwrite and understand the investor and the asset in a way that a traditional lender cannot offer.

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